About Powerful Pinning


Over a decade ago, I started a little blog about my family. It was nothing special, just a place I shared recipes, pictures, snippets of daily life. But it was addicting! A hobby that provided me a creative outlet and a way to share and teach others.

A few years later, Professional Blogging burst into the scene as a viable way for people to work from home- and make actual money.

I took the leap in the summer of 2013- and started my website The Free Range Life. That little corner of the internet grew. What started with a goal to help people learn to live self sufficiently and a dream to make a little money, turned into a full time income. And for a family of 8, sometimes struggling on my husband’s one income, that was a miracle!



Why Powerful Pinning?


It’s no secret that Pinterest is another addiction of many women out there. It has been my place to store ideas from the moment it launched!

As I grew my first website, I threw myself into learning everything. SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing. Everything. But I kept coming back to Pinterest. It is my favorite place to play and learn.

As an artist at heart, I love all things beautiful. Creating helps me decompress and de-stress. When I get writer’s block- I get on Canva and make more Pinterest images. I dig into analytics to see which ones are gaining the most traction and WHY.

I hear from so many bloggers that they just aren’t gaining traction on Pinterest no matter what strategy they use. They are tired of spinning their wheels and having nothing to show for it.

I started creating images for blogging friends to help teach them what makes a pin that can go viral on Pinterest. I create templates for them to use when they had no clue where to start in terms of design. And it was exciting to see their repins- and blog traffic- grow!

So while, I love my Free Range Life, and what I teach there- I decided to branch off and teach what I know about Pinterest as well.