There are a million Pinterest strategies floating around the internet, but which is the best Pinterest strategy for you and your blog?

There is no one size fits all Pinterest strategy. All blogs are different and all bloggers are different. So how can you find the pinning strategy that works best for you?


How to Find the Best Pinterest Strategy for YOU


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Pin Often

The most important part of any pinning strategy is to pin often. This means you need to get your stuff out in front of potential readers daily. How often will depend on how established your account is.

If you have a newer account you need to pin more often- both your own content and that of others. This helps Pinterest see how helpful and relevant your account is. Pinning often will help you grow followers and get your content in front of more eyes.

If you have an older, established account you don’t have to work quite as  hard because there are lots of copies of your older pins floating around on Pinterest. And if you optimized your pins for search then they already have good keywords attached to them.But it is still important to stay active. Keep your old pins on a rotation and get any new images off to a good start.


Pin Your Best Stuff

It’s that old rule of 80/20. 80 percent of your reward will come from 20 percent of your work. In blogging it’s probably even lower. We all have those posts that bring the traffic. The ones that do well no matter what. Those posts are the ones you need to keep in constant rotation on Pinterest. (A great place to use a Pinterest scheduler!)

Check your Pinterest Analytics and Google Analytics at least once a month and set up a schedule of pinning your most visited posts from Pinterest. Make those articles work for you!

Then work on finding the next big post that will earn a spot in your top 10.


Create Beautiful Images

Images are often grossly overlooked when it comes to Pinterest Strategies. No matter how or when you pin- if your images suck, they won’t do well.

Put extra effort into learning how to create beautiful images. Test different styles, headlines, and images until you start to see what works best for you on Pinterest.

And remember, you can have more than one image per post. You can have 3 or 4 if you want. The more images you have the more often you can pin a certain article without duplication. You also don’t have to upload each one of your pin images to your blog, set your favorite as your post image and then just upload the others directly to Pinterest and link them to the post.


My Powerful Pin Design Bundle can help you create images that work on Pinterest!


Rework What’s Not Working

Part of any good Pinterest strategy is recognizing when something isn’t working. If you write an article you know if your heart is meant to go viral and it falls flat- rework it!

Create a new image that is vastly different from the first. Try out a new headline both on the post and in the image. Rewrite your description to hit better keywords.

This also goes for HOW you pin. You need to be able to recognize when things are no longer working and switch things up.


Pin to a Mix of Boards

Group boards are all the rage. And most Pinterest strategies revolve around them. And while group boards are great and they help you get your pins out in front of a whole new audience, don’t forget that your personal boards have a following too. They are followed by people who chose to follow you because they loved your content. So don’t forget them!

When you pin daily make sure you are pinning to a good mix of both group boards AND your personal boards. You know what-  my Best of board has one of the highest repin rates of all my boards! So I’d be silly not to pin to it often!


Automate Some of the Work

Notice I said some and not all. I’ve already talked about why too much automation is a bad thing, but there is a time and place for schedulers. It’s too hard to do everything by hand all the time- so let those schedulers do some of the work for you.

Have BoardBooster keep a constant rotation of your very best images and posts going out daily. Fill up  your Tailwind with other’s content and help get your new pins off to a great start.

Just don’t set it and forget it and lose touch with how your account is performing.


Never Stop Learning

There are a lot of bloggers out there that live and breathe Pinterest. They love to test things and dig into analytics and look for clues on how to use this platform to the best of their ability. And most of them share it with others either in the form of a blog post or as a paid product.

Education is key for all parts of life and Pinterest is no different. Either get in the trenches every so often and really look at Pinterest or do some reading about what other bloggers have discovered.

Just remember that the best pinterest strategy for them, may not be the best for you. So take your new knowledge and apply it to your account and then watch what happens. Which brings me to my final tip-


Tweak When Necessary

Pinterest is every changing. They are a business and they are constantly working hard to create the best environment for their users. This means you will have to change along with them.

This kind of goes along with Rework What;s Not Working. If you read about the newest amazing Pinterest strategy, instead of blindly following it, take it and watch your account. You may find that you need to tweak it to work with your content and your audience.

Never take someone else’s word for it- take the time to check it out yourself so that you have be sure you are truly getting the very best Pinterest strategy for  YOU and your account.


What are you doing to use Pinterest to bring traffic to your blog?