There’s a lot of hype surrounding blogging right now. It seems like blogging is the perfect solution for all those SAHMs out there trying to find a way to stay at home with their kids AND earn an income for their family.

And it is.

Blogging is perfect for stay at home mothers- but not just because it can bring in money. There are quite a few other reasons SAHMs should consider starting a blog that don’t have anything to do with money.


Work From Home! Are you a stay at home mom who is looking for a new hobby or a way to earn money from home. Learn how blogging is perfect for SAHMs- and it's not just because of the income potential!


Why Blogging is Perfect for Stay at Home Moms


Blogging Provides a Creative Outlet

I am a creative person. Growing up I was the arts and crafty kid. I was the teen scrawling bad poetry in a notebook. But as an adult- specifically as a stay at home mom being creative can be hard.

Sure- I can do crafts with the kids- but that can get old after awhile. I can garden- which is an art in itself- but that is seasonal.

But Blogging can be done any time of year- and you get to write. Or create videos. Work on photography. Design images. There is so much creative energy that goes into a blog that it will fill that tank that creatives need filled.


Blogging Boosts Self Confidence

When I was in high school I was absolutely sure I wanted to be a doctor. I was PreMed in college. Then life happened and those dreams got pushes aside for new ones.

I know a lot of women who worked hard to get a degree. Working professionally for year, but when children entered the picture they knew that they needed to be at home. Being a SAHM can be rather thankless.

You may start to feel useless. Blogging can help a ton with this.

Whatever you blog about- you are an expert. Everyone is an expert in something- even if you are just a couple of steps ahead of who you are teaching.

Blogging can give you back that confidence that YOU are important. YOU know things. And YOU can teach others how to follow in your footsteps.

Plus- if you can create a popular, money-making blog your self-worth and self confidence will be boosted even more.


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Blogging is Something Just for You

Self care as a mom is hard. We tend to give every bit of ourselves to our children, family, and home. And that doesn’t give us much time to do what we love.

Blogging is perfect to fill this area! Designing a website, filling it with content. Feeling proud of something YOU created all by yourself during those stolen moments.

You don’t have to share your blog with your family. Your kids won’t steal a bite of it like they do your favorite chocolate.  It’s all yours.


Blogging Builds Relationships

Maybe you are an introvert. Maybe you are a new mom with no mom friends. Maybe you’re a one car family whose husband has the car at work all day. Whichever category you fit under- being a SAHM can feel pretty lonely sometimes.

As a blogger you get to reach out to people all over the world. You connect with readers who need your help and you connect with other bloggers.

Networking has become one of my favorite aspects of blogging. And I have made some real friends through my groups- and we would do anything for each other.

Blogging has made my life much bigger and richer with the people I have met because of it.


You Can Work Around Your Life

Time can be a killer. I have 6 kids. I homeschool 5 grades from 1st-12th. I run a small farm. I have a house. I have a million jobs to do at any given time. But that’s the great thing about blogging as a SAHM- I can do it in the stolen moments.

You can work before the kids get up, during nap time, after they go to bed.

You can post to social media from your phone while the kids are occupied, from the waiting room, or while waiting for soccer practice to be over.

I can build a successful business working in less than 2 hours per day. Which brings me to the things most of us want: MONEY


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Blogging Can Bring in a Real Income

Blogging is hard work. It’s not as easy as putting up a website and writing whatever you feel like. Once you get going things can get more passive, but it’s not quick and easy money.

That said, my blog- The Free Range Life– brings a solid full time income. As of January 2018, I make more per month than my husband and it’s continuing to grow every month.

And that me feel pretty good!