If you’ve been blogging for any length of time you will know how important your email list is. You know that your list is the only direct link to your readers. But how do you encourage readers to subscribe to your list? Easy! You create irresistible lead magnets as an incentive and encourage more sign ups. Below you will find examples of 6 different lead magnets and optins that you can design in Canva to drive more subscribers!


6 Lead Magnet Ideas to Design in Canva! A good design will encourage your readers to learn more!  See examples of 6 different optins you can design using Canva to increase your subscribers


Lead Magnets You Can Design in Canva!


Charts & Infographics

Infographics and charts lead themselves nicely to an optin. If you use these design elements in your articles, you can simply offer a printable PDF version of the same chart for your readers to download and use at home for easy reference.

Here’s an example of a very simple chart I made in Canva for an article on soil nutrient deficiencies that coverts quite well.

infographic and chart as lead magnet



Another easy lead magnet is a short e-book or booklet. These booklets will cover one topic and provide your readers with extra value. Choose a topic that you write about often so that  you can use this optin on many different articles.

Here’s an example of a simple, 6 page booklet on Budget Friendly Gardening that I offer my readers:



Worksheet & Workbooks

Do you teach your readers how to do to things? Is your niche more hands on? Try creating a worksheet or workbook to go along with your content.

Get your readers thinking and planning and help them reach the outcome they desire!

Worksheets can add a ton of value to blog posts- try one out- you may be surprised at how well they convert!



Checklists are a great lead magnet option if you do a lot of how to post or are teaching a specific topic. Checklists are an easy way to give your readers a simple blueprint to what you are teaching.

I offer a Pinterest Design Checklist here on Powerful Pinning. You can check it out below!

Click the image to sign up!



Organization is big in the world today! Offering a free planner to your readers based on your niche will be an irresistible way to draw them in. This lead magnet also lends itself nicely to converting subscribers to customers. Wow them with your free version and they won’t be able to say no to a later paid version!

Planners can be a little tricky to design in Canva, but it is doable. Check out these 2 planners I designed below:



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Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are a great way to give your readers a quick and condensed version of what you just taught them. It gives them the information they need in a quick, easy, and downloadable format. Your cheat sheet can cover any topic you want and can be specific to one article or niche specific.

I suggest making a PDF as opposed to a long infographic like image so that your reader can download and print your information.

Food blogger? Make a substitution cheat sheet. Web Design Blogger? How about a CSS cheat sheet?

Just ask yourself, when you were a beginner which information did you look up over and over again or bookmark and visit often?

And don’t forget:

Good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more.— Alexander Isley


What lead magnets will your design for your blog?  And don’t forget to design some amazing pins that lead directly to your lead magnets for even more subscribers! If you need some design help check out my Powerful Pin Design Bundle– with tips, templates, and lots more!