Today I want to tell you a little story. About 1 post and 1 pin image, and how I increased the pageviews on this post by over 7,000% in less than 2 weeks. So let’s go!


Learn how to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest. Take a look at how changing the design of a Pinterest graphic increased pageviews to one old post by over 7000% in only 2 weeks. If your pinterest strategy isn't working- maybe you are missing something!



In January of 2014 I wrote a post called 11Tips for Beginning Gardeners over on my homesteading blog, The Free Range Life.  This was early in my quest to become a professional blogger and while I thought I knew what I was doing- I didn’t.

Back then a Pinterest Graphic meant a picture with text on it.  Search engine optimized meant Yoast gave me the green light. Pinterest strategy was pin it once- maybe a handful of times if I had enough boards for it.

This is what my [awful] Pinterest image looked like:



Eventually, I learned better and started the long process of updating the images and SEO of each and every post on my blog. I even updated the pin on this particlar post to my new “branded template”. Here’s what that one looked like:



Better, but I can see so much wrong with it….I won’t get into that here though.


Anyway, around about January 2017 I ended up on 11 Tips for Beginning Gardeners again, as I applied everything I had learned about Pinterest images thus far.

I made a nice, long pin image. I chose bright pictures and bold lettering. In short, I made it eye catching.

Here’s what it looked like:



On February 16 I uploaded it to Pinterest.

I put it into rotation using my at-the-time Board Booster strategy. And moved on to the next pin I needed to redo.

And here’s what happened in 2 weeks:


The post that had had 18 whole page views in January increased to over 1400 pageviews in February.  That’s an increase of over 7,000%!

Plus if I compared the last 2 weeks of February to the first 2 weeks, the posts pageviews have increased by over 12,000 %.

All in all 1400 pageviews isn’t that much, right? So let’s look at how it did as time went by.


Being a gardening post, the peak season for gardening articles is about April. So if I compare the 18 views that post got in January to the views it got in April, I see this:



In the peak month of April, this one post got almost 15K pageviews.  If you look at the % Change number– that’s over 83,000% change! All because of ONE pin image that was strategically pinned onto Pinterest.

(By the way, the previous April, this post got 10. TEN. Pageviews…..)

What’s great too is that even as the gardening season ended, the traffic for this post has not dropped back to the old, non-existent traffic. It has stayed at that initial 7,000% or higher since I uploaded the pin image. And I fully expect it to grow again as we approach the new year.


Now the whole point of me showing you this, is to bring home the point that DESIGN MATTERS! You can have all the strategy in the world, but if your images don’t work, your strategy won’t work!!


I see tons of posts and products on Pinterest that just focus on the strategy and gloss over the design. Design matters! It matters just as much as strategy. I’ve helped other bloggers create images on Pinterest and they’ve all seen huge results after altering how they design their pins. Results like finally having enough pageviews to be accepted to the premium ad network she’s been struggling to make it into!



If you are struggling to produce great looking images that get traction on Pinterest, check out my Powerful Pin Design Bundle. It’s got tons of tips for you on making powerful pins, plus 10 customizable templates to get you started.

You can see the full details here: Powerful Pin Design Bundle.

I can’t wait to see what new pins you design!

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