Have you ever wondered what your Pinterest board names do for you?

Do they matter? Are they just for followers or do they count in how Pinterest decides who to show your pins to?

Then this is for you. Today I am going to talk about how to name your Pinterest boards on your profile so that they work for you and help you bring even more traffic to your blog.


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5 Tips for Pinterest Board Names That Will Work for You!



Know Your Keywords

The first thing you have to realize when choosing your Pinterest board names is that keywords are everything. When it first started Pinterest was more social media, but today Pinterest is a search engine. And like all search engines, keywords matter.

When you think about your niche, or your blog, you probably have a list of topics you write about often. On my homestead blog that is gardening, raising goats, natural living, etc.  If you write about saving money you probably write about topics like frugal living, money saving tips, getting out of debt and so on.

One of the keys to Pinterest board names that work is to take those keywords and use them for your board names. Simple as that.

Name your boards things like Raising Goats, Money Saving Tips, and Frugal Living.

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Have Multiple Boards per Topic

You know how when you are writing your blog posts and you choose your focus keyword? You don’t choose the same keyword for each and every article do you?

No. You alter it a bit. You make it more specific. You create a long-tail keyword that is specific to that post.

Do this when naming Pinterest boards too!

You do not have to just have one board per topic. You can have a lot- because each one will help Pinterest gather a little more and different information about what your board is about AND what the pins you pin to it are about.

That means you can not only have a Weight Loss board, but a Weight Loss Tips board, a Weight Loss for Women board, and a Lose Weight Fast Board.

Now You have 4 boards with the same general theme to pin your articles to, but each targets a different keyword. This way you can start to rank for all the different phrases that people could type into to search.



Don’t Be Cute. Or Witty. Or Creative

I know it might be hard for some, but when choosing your Pinterest board names, please don’t be cute, witty, or creative.

Name your boards the keyword. Just the keyword (or keyword phrase)

There are a couple of problems with being cute:

One– it’s not as searchable. I used this example in my article on Pinterest SEO, but which do you think would get ranked better in search; Roar Like a Dinosaur or Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas?

Two– you run the risk of ranking for words that are not your keywords. If you have words other than your keywords in your Pinterest board name you might rank for THOSE words instead. And that isn’t a good thing.


Use Other Keyword Variations in Your Description

Once you’ve rounded up all of your keyword phrases and started creating your boards, go ahead and put ALL of the related phrases into the description. This is a good way to relate all of the keywords in to one larger topic.

So in your board description box you would say something like  Money saving tips to help you live a more frugal life. Including [enter a list of all the other relevant keywords here].

Now your board is totally optimized for all of your content regarding that topic.

Stay on Topic as Much as Possible

I want you to think about how Pinterest works or a minute and how you use Pinterest for your business. At any given time there are hundreds (or more) copies of the same pin out there on Pinterest, right? And since most people don’t change descriptions before repinning- they all mostly share the same description. That means they are all optimized exactly the same way.

BUT when you search something on Pinterest- you don’t get a million copies of the best ranking pin do you? No. You get a good mix of pins that all rank in someway for that searched term.

That is because Pinterest assigns certain pins specific keywords. And everything your pin does from the day it hits Pinterest helps to decide what those keywords are. This is where your boards come in.

If you pin a post about raising goats to a board(s) about raising goats Pinterest learns something.

But if you pin a post about raising goats to a board about gardening- or even less drastic- a board about pets- Pinterest gets a little confused. The more specific information you can give Pinterest’s computers the better your pins perform.

*Note: This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pin to more general boards. I belong to a lot of homesteading group boards and those work for me. Something like raising goats would fall under homesteading and most likely the regular pinners- not bloggers, but everyone else- will repin it to a more specific board with a name like Goats.


Remember if you have current boards that aren’t totally optimized all you have to do is go in and edit the board names and change them to something more SEO friendly. Have you optimized your Pinterest board names yet?