You know how before you publish a new post- or maybe even before you even start writing a new post- you do keyword research to see which long tail keyword phrase you should target in your article?

What about your Pinterest strategy? Do you do you research keywords on Pinterest too?

What if I told you there is a place these two meet?

Let’s talk about that.


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The Pinterest Keyword Strategy You Need to Know


Okay. So let’s say I want to write a post about, I don’t know, making things out of pallets.

I might open up a keyword tool to help me choose the best keyword phrase with a good search volume and a low difficulty and settle on the keyword phrase of pallet projects.

Then I might head over to Google and check out my competition.

I would look at the top 5 or so search results. See how I can make my article stand out better on the search page.


But wait.

Do you see that? The top 3 search results for the phrase pallet projects belong to PINTEREST!

If you look closely at those 3 search results you will see that spot #2 goes to a specific board belonging to a specific user. (Well done on him by the way for ranking his board!)

Looking at spot #1 and #3 you will see similar URLs that start with These pages belong to Pinterest and not any specific user. They are the pages Pinterest itself ranks for on Google.

Let’s look at what it looks like when we click the top search result.


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Here’s what it looks like. You will notice that the keyword of pallet projects is in the search bar. Under that are a lot of keywords to refine the search. And then the pins.

Where do these pins come from? This isn’t board so no one pinned them. But these pins are the images that Pinterest has decided are the BEST when it comes to the keyword pallet projects.

Now think about what this means for a moment.


If you rank #1 in google for a well searched keyword phrase you get a lot of traffic, right?

If you rank #1 on Pinterest for a phrase, you get a lot of traffic too, right?


This right here is where the 2 meet.


If you rank in the top 1-5 pins for a Pinterest topic and Pinterest ranks #1 for that topic- BOOM! Traffic.


This can also double your efforts for both SEO and Pinterest. For example:



So for this term of preserving cucumbers, I flip flop back and forth between the first and second ranked spot. And coming in at the #4 spot is Pinterest’s page on Preserving Cucumbers- on which my article is featured in the top row of pins.

Now I catch people who click my article straight from Google AND people who click through to Pinterest and then click through to my article. Two for one.


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What should you take away from this?

One- When you are choosing keywords to focus on in your posts looks for terms that Pinterest also ranks for.

Two- Even if you don’t target that keyword in your post SEO, be sure to target those keywords on Pinterest. When you upload your pins for the article, start with the keyword phrase, add in a hashtag, and pin it to a relevant board about that topic. Do what you can to rank on Pinterest for that keyword phrase so that you can get even more traffic from where Google meets Pinterest.