As bloggers we all tend to hang our traffic on platforms we don’t own. And while Facebook or Pinterest may send you amazing traffic, what happens when that traffic takes a nose dive? Below you will find 5 tips on what to do when you Pinterest traffic drops.

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5 Steps to Take When Your Pinterest Traffic Drops


Dig into Analytics

When you experience a drastic drop in traffic from Pinterest it usually isn’t random. Yes, the algorithm may have changed but how and what is it affecting?

The first thing you need to do is pull up your Google Analytics and start digging. Learn how to track pin performance in Google Analytics and look for what changed.

For example…

When I discovered this pin, I knew that I needed to rework that article, and most importantly, rework my pins to recover the traffic.

So do some digging find out which pins used to bring in big numbers but don’t anymore. Try and pin point an actual day and/or post that needs reworking.


Reevaluate Your Pinning Strategy

As a blogger you always need to be in tune with your pinterest strategy. If you hand it over completely to automation you start to lose touch with the platform and how it is working for you.

At least once a month you should be looking at your pinning strategy and tweaking it to ensure that it is still working for you.

This means you may need to switch out your automated pins. Or maybe it means leaving or adding group boards. But if you traffic from Pinterest suddenly drops you need to take a good hard look at your current Pinterest strategy and see where you can do better.

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Make New Pin Images

This is one of those things that bloggers overlook. Pins do get stale. They can lose their effectiveness over time. You need to make it a regular part of your strategy to make new pins for articles and upload them to Pinterest.

You don’t have to update your articles unless you want to, but adding new images with new headlines will almost always give you a boost in traffic.New pin designs and titles will reach a different audience since everyone has different triggers that cause them to click.

Check out my Powerful Pinning Design Bundle for help on creating beautiful pins in no time at all!


Do Your Keyword Research

Just as you do keyword research for your posts, you should also be optimizing your Pinterest for SEO.

Keywords that do well on Google do not always do as well on Pinterest and vice versa. You should be looking for words that Pinterest ranks for and for terms that are highly searched on Pinterest itself.

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Focus Your Efforts Elsewhere

And finally, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket!

You should be putting just as much effort into building your email list and SEO as you do Pinterest. That way if Pinterest fails you-  you have other avenues and traffic sources to keep you going.

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Remember- you are in control. Don’t let your blog control you. You control how it grows, your income, and your traffic. Don’t just complain and wonder what happened when you lose traffic- but get in there and do something about it!

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