Effortlessly Create Pin-Worthy Graphics that get noticed and drive traffic to your blog


( even if you aren’t a designer! )

In order to get people to click through to your site from Pinterest, you have to wow them…


You have to catch their eyes with your Pin images.


You have to grab their attention with your titles.


You have to have clean, easy to read images that tells them exactly why they must need your content.


Do your images make the cut?


or are you still struggling?


Are you a brand new blogger looking for the best way to get noticed on Pinterest?


Can you not seem to gain traction on Pinterest no matter what you try?


Are you a blogger without an ounce of design sense, who wouldn't know how to create a pretty image if her life depended on it?

Keep Reading! I’ve got the help you need!


Introducing the Powerful Pin Design Bundle!


The help you need to create Powerful Pin Graphics that get noticed!


With tips for creating pins that are irresistible on Pinterest, The Powerful Pin Design Bundle takes the guesswork out of creating images. You will know what to include in each and every pin AND by using the templates you can start to design images yourself no matter what your skill level (or eye for design!).


Now Available for only $18

Saves Time!

The templates are ready to use- just swap out your headline text and your images and you are ready to go!

No Guesswork!

Not a designer? No problem. Both the guide and the templates walk you through how to make images that get noticed on Pinterest!

Fully Customizable!

You can easily customize the look and feel of the templates. Switch fonts, colors, and images to make images that are unique to you!

Everyone knows Pinterst is huge traffic driver to blogs and websites. I like to write but image design is not my thing. I struggled for hours trying to create images that people would pin and always ended up with something terrible. After reading Sarah’s material, I was creating popular and attractive pins and spending about 5 minutes on design compared to hours. It was like magic! If you struggle with pinteret images, I highly recommend this. If I can learn this, anyone can learn this!

Scott Terry

North Country Farmer

Sarah’s material will QUICKLY help you dramatically improve the performance of your pins. After reading and applying her information to redesign a pin for a timely post, it’s performance improved over 5000%. Needless to say, I’m following her guidelines for all the new pins I create!”

Lesa Wilke

Better Hens and Gardens

I struggled with trying to figure out how to make great looking Pinterest pins. Sarah’s Customizable Pinterest Templates were just the thing I needed! Now my pins are getting more traction and my website is getting more traffic. All because I read her ebook Elements of a Great Pin and then used that info to create awesome beautiful pins! Thank you Sarah!”

Annie Coombe

Country Living in a Cariboo Valley

What’s Included in the Design Bundle


The 5 Elements of a Powerful Pin Guide Book


Access to examples of pins made using the templates.


BONUS: Guide to Click-Worthy Headlines


10 Customizable Pin Templates made in Canva.


Tips on how to edit the templates to fit your needs.


Lifetime access to all future updates


After reading Sarah’s Pinterest information, I really began to have a clear understanding of what Pinterest was looking for. I always hear, make great images, make long images, make appealing images, but it’s hard to wrap your mind around. This bundle helped me not only absorb WHAT works on Pinterest, but also HOW to do that. The templates have helped me mold my photos into eye-catching graphics that are taking my business to a whole new level in just a few short weeks. It’s just what I needed to find success. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sarah, for creating this resource.

Christina Kamp

Little Sprouts Learning

Sarah’s Pinterest bundle is the ultimate tool to help you create beautiful pins to increase traffic to your blog!
Not only does she supply you with Pinterest templates, which will make creating your pins easy; but she teaches you how to make pins that Pinterest users like and want to share! These tools have been so helpful to me and I will definitely be recommending them to all my blogging friends!

Meghan Nowlin

The Organic Goat Lady

“I was hung up on thinking that I needed to keep with branding for my pin images. After testing out several of Sarah’s templates, I’ve seen an increase of traffic on my website. They are easy to use and customizable, making them a huge time saver.”

Mary Woita

Boots and Hooves Homestead

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special software to use the templates?

The 10 customizable pin templates are available through This is a free graphic design website- all you need to do is sign up for a free account and you are ready to go!

I am a total blogging beginner. Is this product for me?

Yes! When you are just starting out it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything there is to learn and do. The Powerful Pin Design Bundle takes away some of that overwhelm by giving tips on how to create great pins for Pinterest AND gives you the tools to do just that.

I am a seasoned blogger. Do I need this product?

That depends. Are you happy with your traffic that comes from Pinterest each month? Do your images result in a lot of click-thrus and repins? Then probably not.

However, if your images just aren’t gaining traction no matter what strategy you use. Maybe something is missing in your design and these templates and tips will help you bridge the gap.

Will this product bring me tons of traffic and tons of income from my blog?

Unfortunately, I can’t promise that. There are a lot of variables that go into what goes viral on Pinterest. Your pinning strategy, your niche, your SEO, etc. The Powerful Pin Design Bundle focuses mostly on creating IMAGES that are bright, bold, and talk directly to your audience.

So while, I wish I could promise you amazing blogging success, this is just one piece of a much larger puzzle.

What is your refund policy?

As this is a digital product, I do not offer refunds at this time. However, if you run into any problems using the templates or have questions in implementing the information given in the guides, you can contact me at any time at sarah@ powerfulpinning. com (minus the spaces).

Don't Be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.